High-end cover glass spacer paper
LCD glass substrate spacer paper

100% imported pure wood pulp is used, and the water used in pulping and papermaking is pure water after filtration. The paper is soft and smooth, with fine fibers, uniform color, no dust and impurities, and can effectively prevent glass from mildew.

Dedicated line, using a special paper production line to ensure the cleanliness of the paper.

It is the first company in China to achieve the cutting environment as a 10,000-class clean room, which is compatible with the photoelectric industry.

It is widely used in liquid crystal substrate glass, cover glass, photoelectric glass and other industries.

Especially in the field of TFT liquid crystal glass, it can meet the needs of various specifications and sizes from G4.5-G8.6 generations. Customized production according to the needs of customers to meet the different needs of different customers.

Used for protection during product turnover and transportation

The use of special glass paper/special paper can effectively protect the product and prevent the product from being damaged during transportation from the production site to the customer.

Physical parameters

   High-end cover glass spacerLCD glass substrate spacer paper
Project UnitSpecification value
Base Weigh g/m230-6540-65
Thickness mm0.05-0.10.07-0.08


PH 4.5-85-7.5
Tensile StrengthVerticalkN/m≥22
Air Permeability